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Is the new Roamio TiVo DVR for Cord Cutters?

TiVo has released a new DVR, the Roamio, that integrates traditional off-air programming guides as well as some popular services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

stack of cashDue to the fact that TiVo requires a 1 year commitment at 14.95/month or $179.40 plus 49.99 purchase price plus tax you’re at $250.00…and we’re about done here.  But wait, you can add the TiVo Stream service at $129.99 and be able to watch your programming anywhere for a total investment of ~$400. Kicking out Cable is supposed to be about saving money.

TiVo and Cord Cutters are somewhat incompatible in my opinion.  Channel Master, we’re nodding at you!  Now, we’re done here.




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