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Not Ready To Commit? Suspend Your Cable Service To Test the Waters

Canceling cable cold turkey is a big step for a lot of people. They’re not sure if they have the technical knowledge (they do), the patience or the sheer willpower to give up on something they’ve grown accustomed to. Let me show you a quick and easy trick to ease the transition by suspending your service while you get adjusted to life without cable.

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Photo by Thaneworks via Flickr

Many cable and satellite providers have a small loophole that allows users to suspend their service for a certain period of time. Called “vacation mode” or “seasonal mode,” they often do this for customers who are taking an extended leave or who go south for the winter. The best thing about this policy is that you can use it to your advantage to buy yourself some time and refine your new media consumption lifestyle.

DirecTV will allow you to suspend your service for up to 6 months at no charge while still keeping your original equipment. If at any time you decide that cutting the cord isn’t for you, just ring them up and they’ll automagically turn your service back on. It’s a painless process.

Many other providers like Comcast, Time Warner and Dish Network also offer similar options to pause your service. You should be advised that there could be a small fee (< $10) depending on your provider. Rules vary by market. Make sure you get any associated costs and details in writing if you do suspend your service so you won’t have any surprises in the future.

So, if you have your doubts or you don’t want to jump into the cord cutters club head first, one of the best options is suspending your service. Go ahead and test the it, I’m sure you’ll find that the water’s fine!

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