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Interview With Cord Cutters – Tiffany and Tom

Tiffany and Tom got rid of cable

Tiffany and Tom cut the cord on cable in March 2010.

Meet Tiffany and Tom. They’ve been cable-free for nearly a year now. Initially they cut the cord to save money for their first home, but the experiment seems to have stuck.

We were spending about $85/month on deluxe digital cable and VOD (video-on-demand). We currently spend $18/month on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

The savings are really amazing. We now pay a fifth of what we were paying for cable, and that money goes a long way.

Tiffany will admit that the transition was a little rough. The first 4 months, they went without any TV whatsoever – not even an antenna. For someone who has subscribed to cable her entire life, she missed her favorite shows like 30 Rock, Psych and Leverage.

Shortly thereafter, they subscribed to Netflix and streamed their favorite television shows and movies through their Wii console. They also have a computer hooked up to their TV for Hulu Plus. These knights in shining armor saved the day and let them catch up on back episodes of programming they missed as well as watch shows that they never got around to exploring.

On top of the big savings, they feel more free to watch what they want and when they want it without the nagging feeling that they’re missing out.

For any first time cord cutters, they suggest doing your research.

If someone cuts the cord and picks up Netflix, then I would suggest taking a few minutes to do some searching to see everything that Netflix has to offer. If they are going to completely cut the cord, then they should make a list of activities that they can do that don’t involve television. If they have a computer with high-speed Internet, there are still plenty of shows that can be watched on Hulu for free.

Asked if they will ever go back to their old ways and Tiffany replies, “Maybe, If I become a millionaire.”

Have you cut the cord or are you considering it? If so, tell us your story in the comments below or see our post on what you need to know before cutting the cord.

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