Roku introduces the Streaming Stick

Roku announced a new product today called the Streaming Stick.  Priced at 49.99, the device is designed to complete head to head with the Chromecast by Google and the Apple TV.   The new Roku Stick is capable of 1080p and connects directly to an open HDMI port on your TV or AV Receiver as a new input.  Unfortunately, the Steaming Stick also requires additional power, either from your home 110V or a USB port if you have one available.  Power input is 5V at 1Amp.  Typical power consumption is 2Amp when streaming HD content.Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick comes with a WiFi remote, and will also allows management thru the iOS or Android applications available for your mobile device if you prefer.  This allows use of the “send to TV” casting offered by Netflix and YouTube.

The WiFi connection utilizes the N standard, providing the bandwidth and range required for streaming video content across wireless, thru typical home environments.

We look forward to the opportunity to review one of these when we get hold of one.  Let us know your thoughts on the newest player on the market for Cord Cutters that have Kicked out Cable.

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