Is the new Roamio TiVo DVR for Cord Cutters?

TiVo has released a new DVR, the Roamio, that integrates traditional off-air programming guides as well as some popular services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

stack of cashDue to the fact that TiVo requires a 1 year commitment at 14.95/month or $179.40 plus 49.99 purchase price plus tax you’re at $250.00…and we’re about done here.  But wait, you can add the TiVo Stream service at $129.99 and be able to watch your programming anywhere for a total investment of ~$400. Kicking out Cable is supposed to be about saving money.

TiVo and Cord Cutters are somewhat incompatible in my opinion.  Channel Master, we’re nodding at you!  Now, we’re done here.




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Victor cut the cord and canceled cable in 2008. He got tired of consistently poor customer service and even poorer programming options. Working experience in IPTV and antenna installation made the transition to off-air TV and streaming internet services a natural progression for his broadcast reception at home. Here at, Victor is right at home, continuing the effort to share the secrets of cord cutting that the cable companies don't want you to know.

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