An Apple a Day Keeps Commercials Away!

While not directly related to Cutting the Cord, Apple’s latest patent work certainly moves towards giving you a little more control over your TV viewing experience. The Commercial Killing Patent explains a process to automatically switch between broadcast media and locally stored media. While the process description begins with discussing  radio broadcast as subject example, [...]

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AirPlay to Xbox

What is AirPlay? The Apple iOS/OS feature AirPlay allows users to stream video, audio and pictures from one device to another wirelessly, anywhere on the same network.    Apple tweaked the existing AirTunes protocol in 2010 to include video  and pictures in addition to audio, coinciding with the renaming of AirTunes to AirPlay.  Apple has [...]

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How to use a Mac Mini as a Media Server

What is a Media Server? A Media Server is a computer whose purpose in life is to stream your video, audio and pictures to you, on demand.  Let’s say you’re on the road traveling, and you want to watch a football game you recorded two days ago.   No problem with a Media Server.  Just [...]

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NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3

Play Station 3 get’s the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2012! Ohh sorry, that was 2011. Why are they making us wait!  What about 2012?  The internet is a-buzz with people everywhere looking for information on the 2012 NFL Sunday Ticket’s availability for the Play Station 3, similar to the 2011 arrangement  For those of us [...]

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How to Watch the 2012 Olympics Live without Cable

NBC Streams to Pay TV Subscribers NBC has extended viewing rights for their Live Video feeds to any “subscriber” of their MSNBC AND CNBC programs, on Cable, Satellite or Telco TV providers.  What this means is if you have BOTH of those services at home, you are also able to view the 2012 Olympics Live [...]

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How to choose the best antenna for HD TV

Which HD antenna is best? Choosing the best antenna for HD off-air broadcast reception is an important piece of the process in receiving all that free high quality HD content.  If you haven’t seen HD off air programming you’re in for a real treat.  A properly aligned antenna feeding a quality HD television produces some [...]

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Roku sticks it to cable…again!

Roku is playing in the big leagues with todays announcement from major panel manufactures stating they will comply with MHL implementation standards and provide support for the forthcoming Roku Streaming Stick. Due to be released later this year, the Streaming Stick takes advantage of the MHL port, not the HDMI port, on newish TV’s. Check [...]

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Hulu Plus brings new shows to Apple TV starting today!

Starting today, Apple TV owners can watch Hulu Plus on their big screen, including Hulu’s premium content.    Apple added the Hulu Plus icon to the home screen sometime in the past 48 hours, putting the service front and center for Apple TV users.   This addition of the Hulu lineup, at $7.99 per month, [...]

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Watch 2012 NCAA March Madness Basketball Games Online

In previous years, you could stream the NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball Championship online and through a number of mobile devices for free. In 2012, things have changed a bit. Streaming the basketball tournament is no longer free, but CBS, the NCAA and their partners have made it very cheap and accessible. In fact, I wish [...]

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New Apple TV: What you need to know

A quick rundown of everything you need to know about the latest version of the Apple TV from the fine folks at Macworld. Click here for the full story.

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