Google eye’s National Football League’s Sunday Ticket

I can think of a lot of reasons Google would buy Sunday Ticket NFL rights for 2015, and almost no reasons they wouldn’t. DirecTV may soon be challenged with self worth questions…  As The Street reports, Google and Apple clearly have the cash on-hand to entertain such offers, likely orders of magnitude higher than what [...]

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Al Jazeera America’s Programming offline

This week, Al Jazeera America announced a full schedule of programming to “provide live news and investigative, documentary and discussion programming that fulfills its promise to provide unbiased in-depth coverage of domestic and international news important to its American viewers.”.  That’s all fine and good, except they’ve removed online access to their internet broadcast for [...]

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Roku 3 Review

The Roku 3 was released in March of 2013.   The box offers modest hardware improvement over the Roku XD, and saw the debut of the a newly designed interface.  If you’re not familiar with the Roku line of product, they basically make Set Top Boxes that allow you to easily connect to your TV to [...]

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Redbox Instant on Trial now

Redbox is debuting their new Instant program now, with a free one month trial. The program branded as Redbox Instant is similar to the Netflix we all knew and lost…a mere $8.00 per month get’s you instant access to over 4,500 movie titles and access to physical DVD’s from that red box thing chained to [...]

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2013 March Madness – How to watch online

Well, it appears we’re moving in the wrong direction as it relates to the NCAA tournament, and it’s availability for those of us that have “kicked out cable”.    Unlike previous years where streaming was free for all, this year the NCAA has announced  that tourney games will only be available to subscribers, and not even [...]

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XBMC now “plays” with Apple TV 2

Apple TV 2 owners listen up!  XBMC development has recently squared things away with the Apple TV 2 and iOS thru 6.1, bridging the ecosystem gap between Apple content and the rest of the world.  Now, the fantastically easy to use interface of XBMC is available to your AppleTV, along with a plethora of additional [...]

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FCC kills clear-QAM

The FCC just released an interesting Order in which they granted the cable operators the right to encrypt basic channel packages on digital systems, IF they comply with certain consumer-protection measures.  Under the auspices of gaining provisioning efficiencies for the cable operators, the FCC goes on to point out that the ruling will have an [...]

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OTA Subscription Free Dual Tuner HDTV DVR

Kicking out cable requires planning and preparation to really enjoy the effort.  Part of this planning entails recording OTA (Over The Air) content at the time of broadcast.  Viewing recorded content makes the most out of time spent watching the glowing rectangle.  Given this, it’s logical that the DVR is an essential for every Cord [...]

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Dish pushes for content de-bundling and Over The Top delivery

Last week, Bloomberg published an article stating that Dish was in talks with Viacom about licensing an Over The Top service, to deliver smaller packages at lower prices. They went on to say that Univision Communications and Scripps Networks Interactive were also involved in the negotiations.  The big cable providers see the numbers.  Just this [...]

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How to watch NFL without cable

Football season can be very demanding for sports fans, so preparedness is crucial.  A good game plan is required to ensure no action is missed.   For a “cord cutter”, the inevitable question arises, how can I watch NFL without cable?  No worries, I’ve listed out a few plays that will have you warmed up [...]

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