Hulu Plus brings new shows to Apple TV starting today!

Starting today, Apple TV owners can watch Hulu Plus on their big screen, including Hulu’s premium content.    Apple added the Hulu Plus icon to the home screen sometime in the past 48 hours, putting the service front and center for Apple TV users.   This addition of the Hulu lineup, at $7.99 per month, includes major networks like ABC, NBC and FOX to name a few.

Hulu has been a hold-out in joining Apple TV for some time, but with the broad reach of Apple’s AirPlay (Mountain Lion) it seems Hulu’s hand has been forced in their “by device” methodology approach to the market.   AirPlay is the Gigawidget of TV.  Wirelessly “Beam” content to your 60″ TV connected to your Apple TV, from your laptop!  This makes your laptop quiet a proficient television remote control.

This latest hardware partnership between Apple and Hulo rounded out the already robust lineup of hardware partners including Netgear, RCA, Samsung and many Android powered devices.    Tim Cook is clearing the  way to make Apple TV the preferred ecosystem for Premium Content providers.  And still somehow, Google TV is left in the cold.

To get started, go to Hulu on your computer and sign up for your account. Then straight to your Apple TV to watch Family Guy, The Office, Gossip Girl and more.

None of this makes Hulu Plus / Apple TV “The Single Solution” to well rounded TV viewing, but it sure does pave a few more steps in the path to Kicking Out Cable!


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Victor cut the cord and canceled cable in 2008. He got tired of consistently poor customer service and even poorer programming options. Working experience in IPTV and antenna installation made the transition to off-air TV and streaming internet services a natural progression for his broadcast reception at home. Here at, Victor is right at home, continuing the effort to share the secrets of cord cutting that the cable companies don't want you to know.

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