Apple TV get’s Disney, Smithsonian, Vevo and TWC

The Apple TV continues to bring new channels to it’s lineup.  This past week Apple added Disney Channel, Disney XD, Smithsonian, The Weather Channel and Vevo TV.  We already gave the Apple TV high marks for the features like Air Play and content library integration.  With each channel and application addition, the Apple TV becomes more of a contender for our time spent ingesting content (watching the glowing rectangle).

Here’s a rundown of the recently added channels for Apple TV.

Vevo TV – This network brings over 75,000 music videos, exclusive original programming and live concert performances.  Users can browse videos by artist or genre.  Users can even create logins for personnel playlist creation of their favorite content.  This new service taylored for the Apple TV is available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

Smithsonian Channel – This network brings 100% original content to your Apple TV.  They include programming categories for broad appeal including Air & Space, Science % Nature, Science, History and a special Kids lineup.  All programs are presented in Dolby Digital 5.1.  If you’ve kicked out cable, and are looking for good quality family oriented content to watch, this is a channel you’ve got to check out.

The Weather Channel -  What else is there to say.  This is The Weather Channel on your Apple TV.

Disney and Disney XD – These channels were added to the menu but require cable or satellite packages to access.  These content aggregation and distribution licensing contracts are complex and lucrative.  Disney in particular.  If you are a cord cutter, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, while the un-bundling process continues in the industry, to gain access to this channel without submitting to the cable conglomerates.  Stay strong my friends, our time is coming…


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