Apple opens up your AirPlay for everyones AppleTV

Apples event earlier this week didn’t have much exciting to say for us cord cutters.  Perhaps the most interesting development of late, not mentioned at all at Apples event, is the rumor circulating about Apple TV adding a new feature of sorts to the AirPlay functionality.  With the new iOS 7 release of software coming mid month, the Apple TV will also see an update.

You’re probably familiar with Google Play.  Using this feature, you can “cast” video from your device to most any Apple or Android device.  The new AirPlay will allow you to do the same, within the Apple ecosystem.  You’ll be able to “cast” any content in your iTunes library to another persons Apple TV.  This won’t be a direct link between your device and theirs, rather their Apple TV will pull the content from iCloud.  The trend away from cables continues…the convenience of wireless continues to have impact on how we use technology.

While we don’t know the specifics and nuances of this new feature, it sounds like it will be convenient to say the least.  We already use the AirPlay function to send content to home theaters, stereos and the like.  The ability to play content on a friends Apple TV without having to load it on their Apple device first is going to be cool.  Now you can tell your friends, “I’ll bring the movies, you get the pizza”

Scotty, beam me some Pulp Fiction!


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