An Apple a Day Keeps Commercials Away!

While not directly related to Cutting the Cord, Apple’s latest patent work certainly moves towards giving you a little more control over your TV viewing experience. The Commercial Killing Patent explains a process to automatically switch between broadcast media and locally stored media. While the process description begins with discussing  radio broadcast as subject example, language referencing video is clearly present throughout the Patent.  How fantastic would it be to have previously selected content displayed in place of that Erectile  Disfunction commercial that just interrupted your Sunday night Football game!

This Commercial Killing Patent from Apple would definitely change our media consumption experience, if it ever get’s to market.  So the question is, Would you miss watching commercials?


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Victor cut the cord and canceled cable in 2008. He got tired of consistently poor customer service and even poorer programming options. Working experience in IPTV and antenna installation made the transition to off-air TV and streaming internet services a natural progression for his broadcast reception at home. Here at, Victor is right at home, continuing the effort to share the secrets of cord cutting that the cable companies don't want you to know.

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