Al Jazeera America’s Programming offline

This week, Al Jazeera America announced a full schedule of programming to “provide live news and investigative, documentary and discussion programming that fulfills its promise to provide unbiased in-depth coverage of domestic and international news important to its American viewers.”.  That’s all fine and good, except they’ve removed online access to their internet broadcast for all of the United States as part of their marriage to content aggregators.  As Al Jazeera announced, starting today, you’ll only be able to view their content on your cable provider.  This is obviously a step in the wrong direction for those of us looking for more one-off options, not further content aggregation.

They go on to implore us to request access be included our “local television provider”, intending on petitioning the Time Warners and AT&T’s of the world to put them back in the line-up.  They’ve even created a landing page for interested viewers with provider listings as applicable and forms for requesting if not.

While I’ve not been an avid viewer of the news outlet, I did appreciate the outside in view offered on stories.  Blocking of the  Al Jazeera live stream broadcast to the US has simply provided more oversight opportunities for stories to the Fed and big media, while limiting access to their most staunch viewers.  I’d expect a change in distribution here sooner than later.



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