NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3

Play Station 3 get’s the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2012!

Ohh sorry, that was 2011. Why are they making us wait!  What about 2012?  The internet is a-buzz with people everywhere looking for information on the 2012 NFL Sunday Ticket’s availability for the Play Station 3, similar to the 2011 arrangement  For those of us who have become accustomed to watching sports online without cable, the PS3 / NFL marriage was a beautiful thing! With games starting in just weeks, and still no news on this from the NFL or Sony, there’s still time in game to make something happen but both teams (Sony the NFL) will have to move fast.   In the event that all Sony and the NFL can’t work things out, you can always just buy and install your own HDTV Antenna to watch the games in your local DMA.

Trust we are watching this closely and will update you if news breaks.  Maybe there’s a new player coming into the game…Roku anyone?  Com’on NFL, we’re all waiting with baited breathe.

Update: Ok good, everything is squared away now for PS3 owners, the NFL App is available for download now. I don’t know why they treat the availability of this app with such secrecy each year? At any rate, we can all carry on with our regularly scheduled games.

How will you watch the 2012 Sunday Ticket?

What are your plans for watching the Sunday Ticket this season?  Please let us know in the comment section below.  We appreciate your comments and suggestions.


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