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Super Bowl XLVI kicks off February 5, 2102 in Indianapolis and no matter how you like to watch sports online you’ll have plenty of ways to stream the big game this year.

Tom Brady gets sacked by a Giant. Photo by avinashkunnath via Flickr

Tom Brady gets sacked by a Giant. Photo by avinashkunnath via Flickr

For the first time ever, NBC and the NFL will team up to stream the Super Bowl online. Power up your PC and tune into or Both streams will be in high-definition and will give online fans the added bonus of switching between different camera angles and feeds of the Patriots and Giants. One potential drawback with streaming the Super Bowl online is that you’ll see a different set of commercials than the folks watching on TV will see. Kickoff starts at 6:30 p.m. EST, make sure your browser and plugins are up to date prior so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

The NFL will also stream the Super Bowl through their NFL mobile app to iPhone, Android and tablet users. The catch here is that it’s limited to Verizon customers only (sorry AT&T and Sprint). The NFL Mobile app includes player statistics and play-by-play from the action down on the field.

If you do happen to have an AT&T, Sprint or alternative smart phone service, I’ve heard a couple rumors that you may be able to stream the game to your phone via the mobile site. I can’t confirm until game time so cross your fingers if you’re with a network other than Verizon.

There are also some third party unauthorized broadcasts that you may be able to snag on, UStream or First Row Sports ( and UStream also have mobile apps available to all users). Keep in mind that these streams are often lower quality and could go out at any time.

Good luck on Sunday. May the best stream win!

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