Watch and Listen to Your Favorite iTunes Podcasts on Your Roku

Love your Roku, but miss your favorite iTunes podcasts? Well, today is your lucky day. Simply add the free iTunes podcasts private channel to your Roku and each and every podcast in the iTunes store is available at your fingertips. Search and sort by genre, categories and providers. Got a podcast that you can’t get enough of? Just favorite it from the Roku menu and the app will keep it safe and secure the next time you’re around.

In testing the app, audio podcast streamed nearly instantly and video programs had just a bit of buffering, but nothing that impacted the experience. Of course, this all depends on the speed of your internet connection.

To get started, add the iTunes Podcasts Private Channel by clicking here.

Thanks to Roku Guide for the tip.


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About Bob Hazlett

Bob cut the cord and canceled cable in 2010. He got tired of having a lack of TV options and paying higher prices for lower quality shows. Many of his friends were interested in doing the same so that's how came to be. He's here to share the secrets of cord cutting that the cable companies don't want you to know. He also blogs at

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  1. Anonymous March 10, 2012 at 4:16 AM #

    I cut the cord in 2008. I have a Roku 2 XD as part of my setup ( and I love it. I’m able to stream movies and shows from Amazon and Netflix. There’s tons of great stuff on there like YouTube, Pandora, and of course iTunes. :) The nicest part about the Roku is that they are cheap enough that you can stick one on every TV in the house. The fact that it’s wireless is nice too if there’s a room that’s hard to run cable to. I can’t recommend the Roku enough.

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