2013 March Madness – How to watch online

Well, it appears we’re moving in the wrong direction as it relates to the NCAA tournament, and it’s availability for those of us that have “kicked out cable”.    Unlike previous years where streaming was free for all, this year the NCAA has announced  that tourney games will only be available to subscribers, and not even all of them!

Contrary to what’s written in a Time.com article, the cost is free.  Great you say right!?  The coverage is free ONLY to cable subscribers!  Nice huh.  It get’s worse for the subscribers…the streaming isn’t available to all subscribers, only  77% of them will be able to use the viewing pass for the NCAA Tournament this year.  The balance of the cable subscribers seem to be stuck in purgatory with a cable company that didn’t get the paperwork completed in time for this years tourney.  Irrelevant for Cord Cutters, but an interesting tid-bit of info.

For those with cable subscriptions

Cable subscribers can view all of the games online, thru one of the following methods.

NCAA Website streaming - this site will show streams and highlights of all games depending on your cable subscription

NCAA iOS Application for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and other i devices – Download the 2013 NCAA Tournament application for Apple devices

NCAA Google Android OS - Download the 2013 NCAA Tournament application for Google Android OS devices

Cord Cutters options for 2013 March Madness

All is not lost for Cord Cutters.  Games that are scheduled for CBS coverage will still be viewable live on the NCAA website, although we wouldn’t encourage choosing that over beautiful unadulterated Over the Air QAM modulated High Definition signal received by your handy HD Antenna, if you have the choice.  Unfortunately, the game schedule for CBS is pretty light, as compared to TNT, TruTV and TBS.    The current schedule notes CBS broadcast games which will be streamed for free.

For what it’s worth – 4 Hours Free Streaming

The NCAA has baited everyone this year with a twist.  The world, including those of us without cable, will be allowed to view 4 hours of the tournament for free.  That’s right, free.  This 4 hour period does not include replays or highlights, so time watching those won’t deduct against your 4 hours.  Once the four hours has expired, you’ll be able to continuue listening to the games via the NCAA March Madness Live Radio…or rush out and subscribe to the Cable Conglomerates for unfettered access to the tourney this year.

Keeping this post open

I’m going to keep this post open, and notes fresh, as the tourney get’s underway.  Any news on viewing options for the tournament will be added here as I find/hear about them.  Please share with us how you’re watching the 2013 March Madness in the comments section below.

*Update, with the Sweet 16 brackets filling up, no new streaming options have arisen.  My picks aren’t aren’t going so well;  thinking about the particulars of watching live sports on Roku devices and streaming espn on Roku.  NCAA, if you’re listening, what we want is High Definition NCAA on Roku next year, please!  until then…Good luck with your brackets!

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