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How to watch the US Open Online

Watching on the PC

This year, once again, the US Open is streaming all the matches for free this year on their website.  To view them, all you have to do is visit their streaming page, where they have current live matches showing as well as previously played matches if you need to catch one you missed earlier.   Watching on an iPad

For viewing oTennis Ball in Handn an iPad, IBM built the  iPad app for the 2014 US Open that provides full access to events happening at Flushing Meadows. This is definitely the best viewing option for “on the go” viewing and keeping tabs on your favorite player from mobile.

Watching on an iPhone

There’s also an iPhone version, which is also usable on iPads  and iPods, is also available although the screen size definitely makes tracking the flying balls a less than optimal situation, we suppose it’s better than not watching.

For Android viewing

Android users, again developed by IBM, can download the US Open app here.  While the app is built on the same premise and design as the afore mentioned Apple product apps, the Android app seems to suffer from resolution issues and crashing.  Let us know if you have better luck.


IBM has done a great job with these apps.  The US Opens willingness to support over the top delivery is great news for cord cutting tennis fans and another fine example of content owners straying from the traditional means of distribution…those nasty cable conglomerates.

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2013 March Madness – How to watch online

Well, it appears we’re moving in the wrong direction as it relates to the NCAA tournament, and it’s availability for those of us that have “kicked out cable”.    Unlike previous years where streaming was free for all, this year the NCAA has announced  that tourney games will only be available to subscribers, and not even all of them!

Contrary to what’s written in a article, the cost is free.  Great you say right!?  The coverage is free ONLY to cable subscribers!  Nice huh.  It get’s worse for the subscribers…the streaming isn’t available to all subscribers, only  77% of them will be able to use the viewing pass for the NCAA Tournament this year.  The balance of the cable subscribers seem to be stuck in purgatory with a cable company that didn’t get the paperwork completed in time for this years tourney.  Irrelevant for Cord Cutters, but an interesting tid-bit of info.

For those with cable subscriptions

Cable subscribers can view all of the games online, thru one of the following methods.

NCAA Website streaming - this site will show streams and highlights of all games depending on your cable subscription

NCAA iOS Application for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and other i devices – Download the 2013 NCAA Tournament application for Apple devices

NCAA Google Android OS - Download the 2013 NCAA Tournament application for Google Android OS devices

Cord Cutters options for 2013 March Madness

All is not lost for Cord Cutters.  Games that are scheduled for CBS coverage will still be viewable live on the NCAA website, although we wouldn’t encourage choosing that over beautiful unadulterated Over the Air QAM modulated High Definition signal received by your handy HD Antenna, if you have the choice.  Unfortunately, the game schedule for CBS is pretty light, as compared to TNT, TruTV and TBS.    The current schedule notes CBS broadcast games which will be streamed for free.

For what it’s worth – 4 Hours Free Streaming

The NCAA has baited everyone this year with a twist.  The world, including those of us without cable, will be allowed to view 4 hours of the tournament for free.  That’s right, free.  This 4 hour period does not include replays or highlights, so time watching those won’t deduct against your 4 hours.  Once the four hours has expired, you’ll be able to continuue listening to the games via the NCAA March Madness Live Radio…or rush out and subscribe to the Cable Conglomerates for unfettered access to the tourney this year.

Keeping this post open

I’m going to keep this post open, and notes fresh, as the tourney get’s underway.  Any news on viewing options for the tournament will be added here as I find/hear about them.  Please share with us how you’re watching the 2013 March Madness in the comments section below.

*Update, with the Sweet 16 brackets filling up, no new streaming options have arisen.  My picks aren’t aren’t going so well;  thinking about the particulars of watching live sports on Roku devices and streaming espn on Roku.  NCAA, if you’re listening, what we want is High Definition NCAA on Roku next year, please!  until then…Good luck with your brackets!

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How to watch NFL without cable

Football season can be very demanding for sports fans, so preparedness is crucial.  A good game plan is required to ensure no action is missed.   For a “cord cutter”, the inevitable question arises, how can I watch NFL without cable?  No worries, I’ve listed out a few plays that will have you warmed up and ready for the bone crunching entertainment!     As  we’ve said before, no solution is perfect, but watching sports without cable is totally doable.

Typical antenna installed at chimney

Typical antenna installed at chimney

The Antenna Play

Your first play for watching the NFL without cable starts with a basic HD antenna.  Choosing the best HDTV antenna to start with helps ensure this effort provides good results.   These antenna are not terribly expensive, and once properly installed, will provide you some of the best quality images you’ll see anywhere.  Typically much better than Comcast or DirecTV can provide.  You’ll be pleaseantly surprised how good the picture quality is, and the price is hard to beat!  I’ve installed entire systems for less than 50$, your mileage may vary.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Play

Your second play for NFL without cable works on games that aren’t on your local broadcast stations, like those on Sunday. Currently, DirecTV offers the NFL Sunday Ticket as an ad-hoc service, meaning you don’t to be a subscriber to get this package.  The Sunday Ticket gives you live access to every out-of-market game, every Sunday!   Here’s the catch!  DirecTV states “It’s available to anyone that cannot get DIRECTV at their residence due to line-of-sight issues.”   Hint: This is easily overcome for most folks, especially those that live in apartments or condominiums that don’t allow balcony or roof attachments for dish mounting (in spite of FCC regulations deflating this position).   DirecTV is not interrogating subscribers on their reception capability when signing up for the Sunday Ticket App, they just take your money and give you access.

While the price is a little steep at $250.00, I appreciate the fact that they’ve reduced the package by $100.00 from last year. As an aside, I’ve heard multiple reports that the price is negotiable ($200), so don’t hesitate to ask for a discount.  The same subscription also allows you to view the games on your PS3, so at least the money has dual purpose, if you have a PS3 at the house.

What about picture quality?

Picture quality is outstanding on the iPad!  On occasion, I experienced a slight degradation in quality, but it seemed to only be intermittent, and not very frequent.  Overall, I’d say the stream is very watchable and provides a good user experience.  The user interface is easy to navigate and obviously customized for the online viewing experience.  I imagine at some point they will rework the app to include more stat’s and hopefully some fantasy football league data.

Airplay button

The AirPlay button

That little square with an arrow pointed up is the AirPlay button.  And if it worked all the time, it would be great!  Unfortunately, streaming these games to your TV using AirPlay is getting very mixed results from folks. Apparently the NFL has blocked AirPlay streaming from within the App, but some users are reporting AirPlay Mirroring to work. Mirroring requires the use of a special cable that connects your iPad directly to the TV using an HDMI signal. While the quality should be good, I don’t think the screen resolutions will match up properly, so you may have only a small portion of your TV screen showing the game. I’ll be picking up a cable to try this out for myself.

Also worth noting is that the iPhone 5, and it’s counterpart, iOS 6, are in no way compatible with the NFL Sunday Ticket version 1.8.1.   Actually, any device running the new iOS 6 breaks the app.  If you have an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPad, DO NOT upgrade your device to iOS 6, or you will be left in the cold waiting on a new release of the Sunday NFL Sunday Ticket App.

If you have comments or suggestions on using the NFL Sunday Ticket App, we would love to hear from you. I’m especially interested to hear about successful use of AirPlay to view Sunday Ticket on a TV.  Drop us a note in the comment section below.

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NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3

Play Station 3 get’s the NFL Sunday Ticket for 2012!

Ohh sorry, that was 2011. Why are they making us wait!  What about 2012?  The internet is a-buzz with people everywhere looking for information on the 2012 NFL Sunday Ticket’s availability for the Play Station 3, similar to the 2011 arrangement  For those of us who have become accustomed to watching sports online without cable, the PS3 / NFL marriage was a beautiful thing! With games starting in just weeks, and still no news on this from the NFL or Sony, there’s still time in game to make something happen but both teams (Sony the NFL) will have to move fast.   In the event that all Sony and the NFL can’t work things out, you can always just buy and install your own HDTV Antenna to watch the games in your local DMA.

Trust we are watching this closely and will update you if news breaks.  Maybe there’s a new player coming into the game…Roku anyone?  Com’on NFL, we’re all waiting with baited breathe.

Update: Ok good, everything is squared away now for PS3 owners, the NFL App is available for download now. I don’t know why they treat the availability of this app with such secrecy each year? At any rate, we can all carry on with our regularly scheduled games.

How will you watch the 2012 Sunday Ticket?

What are your plans for watching the Sunday Ticket this season?  Please let us know in the comment section below.  We appreciate your comments and suggestions.


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Watch 2012 NCAA March Madness Basketball Games Online

In previous years, you could stream the NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball Championship online and through a number of mobile devices for free. In 2012, things have changed a bit. Streaming the basketball tournament is no longer free, but CBS, the NCAA and their partners have made it very cheap and accessible. In fact, I wish more sports operated like this.

For just $4, you can watch all 67 games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament live on your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and select Android phones (full list of supported devices here).

  • To get started online, visit or download the the app in the iTunes and Android stores.
  • Create a 2012 March Madness Live account
  • Login on your device of choice and you’ll be able to stream the basketball tournament live, listen to live radio coverage, track brackets, get upset alerts and send updates to your social networks.

You DO NOT have to pay separately to stream the basketball tournament to different devices. Simply login with your March Madness account.

Click the graphic below to start streaming the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament online. If you’re having issues, make sure to turn your pop-up blocker off.

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Watch College Football Bowl Games Online

No cable, but you really want to watch college football games online? As long as you subscribe to high-speed internet service through a participating internet provider, you can stream many of the major college football bowl games (Rose Bowl, Capital One Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and the National Championship Game) through, the WatchESPN mobile app and on XBox Live.

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Watch NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

At the start of the season, viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV will be able to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at the season price of $339.95. Existing DIRECTV customers can access the service on their PS3 for an additional $50 and use the PS3 as an additional receiver for your home
Philip Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

Great news for Playstation owners (even though the price may be a little steep). NFL Sunday Ticket offers up to 14 games in HD every Sunday as well as DirecTV’s Red Zone Channel.

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Watch The U.S. Open Golf Tournament Live Online

The 2011 US Open Golf Tournament begins Thursday, June 16 from Congressional Country Club near Washington DC. ESPN will carry the first two rounds of the tournament on TV and ABC will cover the event Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve cut the cord and don’t have ESPN or can’t be in front of a TV, I’ve got a couple of options to watch the tournament online.

  • Download the iPhone or iPad U.S. Open app. The app has been updated to include photos, videos, radio coverage, a course map and flyovers of each hole. The best part is the included live streaming video of featured groups and dedicated holes.  You’ll probably see marquee players (no Tiger this year) in the featured groups.
  • Log on to Even though you don’t have a cable TV subscription, many internet providers give you access to streaming sports on ESPN3.  Coverage on Thursday and Friday will begin at 10AM EST.
  • will have live marquee group video throughout the tournament in HD-quality and promises some intriguing new features like PicStream, which posts simultaneous photos from the course, and Play Tracker which will have real-time course visualization of groups and player locations. will also have up to the minute stats and live scoring.
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Roku Adds Live Pay-per-view UFC Fights

The centerpiece of the deal is streaming live pay-per-view events in HD, but the UFC channel will also offer an archive of classic fights, training and countdown videos, un-aired prelims from the live shows, special event shows, and more.
Dan Moren, Macworld

Cord-cutting fans of the UFC rejoice! The Ultimate Fighting Championship has recently inked a deal with Roku to stream live UFC fights right to your Roku box. Much of the content will be free or you’ll need to sign up for a UFC Vault subscription ($60 for six months). Individual fights can be purchased  for $2 each and pay-per-view fights or on-demand archives of recent events will be $45.

Here’s how to get started with the UFC Roku Channel.

Tip of the hat to Thomas for sending this in.

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