KickOutCable.com is focused on helping you cut the cord and cancel your cable service. See, we’ve been conditioned all our of lives that we have to pay for lots of bad programming in order to enjoy the few programs that we do actually watch. We’ve been led to believe that you have to put up with sub-par customer service and watch handfulls of commercials. We’ve been told that we can’t get our favorite sports teams without subscribing to the most outrageous package. Kick Out Cable is here to debunk those myths.

We’ll show you how great programing can be streamed over the internet and watched on your TV. We’ll untangle the confusion between things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Roku and watching TV with your gaming system. Point is, we’re here to show you the ropes and give you enough confidence to get rid of that ugly cable box, say sayonara to shotty service and cut your bill to a fraction of what it once was.

Kick Out Cable is anĀ independentĀ site and does accept advertising (to keep the lights on), but only for products and services that they have tested and believe in. We aim to always be upfront and honest with our reviews. If at anytime, we accept a paid placement or gift, we’ll let you know first.

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