Kids Programming – Advantages of Time-Shifted TV

What Kids are watching on TV When it comes to Programming for Kids, the big content aggregators have impacted the youth of our society in ways we’re not able to completely comprehend…until you cut the cord and kick out cable.  Cutting the cord inevitably leads to individuals researching and experimenting with various SVOD services (Subscription-Based [...]

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Is the new Roamio TiVo DVR for Cord Cutters?

TiVo has released a new DVR, the Roamio, that integrates traditional off-air programming guides as well as some popular services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Due to the fact that TiVo requires a 1 year commitment at 14.95/month or $179.40 plus 49.99 purchase price plus tax you’re at $250.00…and we’re about done here.  But [...]

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How to watch the US Open Online

Watching on the PC This year, once again, the US Open is streaming all the matches for free this year on their website.  To view them, all you have to do is visit their streaming page, where they have current live matches showing as well as previously played matches if you need to catch one [...]

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Set Top Box Comparision: Which one is best and why

The search for the best STB has been an ongoing saga since my first foray into streaming content to TV 7 or 8 years ago when I was introduced to the XBMC (XBox Media Center) on XBox.  Time and experimentation with many different streaming servers and set-top-boxes, test subjects (my kids), and content formats has [...]

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Top Cable Networks see decline in Subscribers

A recent survey of top major multi-channel video providers indicates the industry has just seen it’s first industry-wide decline in subscribers.   This loss rounded out to about 105,000 customers.  While it’s a small number, it’s still being marked as a turning point in the industry when coupled with the fact that the top networks [...]

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Roku introduces the Streaming Stick

Roku announced a new product today called the Streaming Stick.  Priced at 49.99, the device is designed to complete head to head with the Chromecast by Google and the Apple TV.   The new Roku Stick is capable of 1080p and connects directly to an open HDMI port on your TV or AV Receiver as a [...]

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3 Easy steps to watch Downton Abbey Season 4 – For the Cord Cutter

With the 2014 season of Downton Abbey underway, we figured it was time to revisit ways those of us based in the US PBS viewers can get access to the new Season 4 episodes coming out.  If  you’ve gotten used to waiting for episodes of Downton Abbye to show up on your local PBS affiliate, [...]

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Watch TV Online – Top 10 Online Content Distributors

Watching TV Online - Unlike traditional over the air and cable TV service, watching TV online offers a more pleasant viewing experience given the latitude of control over time and variety. The key to watching TV online and cutting the cord is knowing where and how to get the content you’re after, and how to view [...]

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Apple opens up your AirPlay for everyones AppleTV

Apples event earlier this week didn’t have much exciting to say for us cord cutters.  Perhaps the most interesting development of late, not mentioned at all at Apples event, is the rumor circulating about Apple TV adding a new feature of sorts to the AirPlay functionality.  With the new iOS 7 release of software coming [...]

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Apple TV get’s Disney, Smithsonian, Vevo and TWC

The Apple TV continues to bring new channels to it’s lineup.  This past week Apple added Disney Channel, Disney XD, Smithsonian, The Weather Channel and Vevo TV.  We already gave the Apple TV high marks for the features like Air Play and content library integration.  With each channel and application addition, the Apple TV becomes [...]

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